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Meet Your New Regulars

We're all about bridging new connections. Easier than ever, you can trade your digital business card with anyone who walks through your door or in the app.

No More Guess Work

With VisiKard, you'll know your regulars. We pride ourselves on instantly giving you easy-to-analyze data about the crowd you're drawing in.

Keep Them Coming Back

Our tools help you create specialized offers.  We came up with an equation to keep everyone happy: your customers score deals based on what they love, you gain their lasting loyalty and increase your revenue.

1. Awareness Campaigns

Strengthen your consumer engagement by placing your brand in front of your targeted audience.  These campaigns allows for consumers to trade kards with you and share your business with others in exchange for incentives that you make available.


2. Drive Sales Campaigns

Bolster your revenues by providing incentives that entice customers to spend money with your business.  These campaigns enable your business to receive revenues in advance of giving away something of value.


3. Build Loyalty Campaigns

Enhance the frequency  at which consumers do business with you.  These campaigns enable you to offer something of value to your consumers when their activity levels meet the goals of your campaign.

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Revenue and Engagement

Detailed reporting is provided by our dashboard.  You can view campaign revenues, campaign status, consumer engagements, and number of transactions.


Know Your Customers

You can view demographic reports that summarizes your consumer engagement.  Insights can be used to optimize future marketing initiatives.

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